by Zarra Knightley

She loved Iain. She knew that. She always had. What she wanted was to be owned by him. To have him love her so much he wanted to own her, for her to be his and his alone. For in her mind she wanted to be dominated and loved at the same time.

My take on the Master and Slave relationship has always been one of mutual respect. One where both parties consent to the acts they are about to perform and have explicit trust in one another not to take advantage of the situation and go too far. This kind of relationship fosters a connection like nothing else. Sex is sex. The BDSM relationship goes deeper. It’s when you see the psyche of your Partner, when you find out exactly who they are, what their deepest desires are. There are no secrets in a BDSM relationship.

To trust someone implicitly is to know someone intimately.

While the subject matter of this book is all made up, or at least most of it is, the emotional journey is very real. The story of Janna and Iain is mine. Ours. It’s personal and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There is a heart and soul buried in the words that are on the pages and if you read between the lines you’ll find the story that was meant to be told.

Coming in Winter 2018

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